First Post

When I was about 10 years old I remember picking up a book on the theory of relativity aimed at young kids. I was fascinated by very strange concepts. I read about time dilatation, the twin paradox, the speed of light limit, mass and energy being the same. I understood what they were claiming, but I was curious as to how they knew this was true because we don’t see that happening everyday. This was the first time I realized that the universe behaves in unintuitive ways. I eventually got interested in other things and left physics on the sideline. But I keep coming back to thinking about physics.

Over the years I’ve read a few of the popular books which try to explain theoretical physics to the lay person. A Brief History of Time and Wrinkles in Time to name a few. While these books are great to get excited about the topic, I realized that I get even more enjoyment from understanding the physics in a more mathematically sophisticated setting. The problem is that math and to understand the current developments in a more sophisticated way we have to start on the basics.

My aim with this blog is to chronicle my journey in trying to unravel theoretical physics.


About armchairphysics
I am trying to learn physics

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